There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong gear

Es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, nur die falsche Ausrüstung
Some runners use the fall and winter as an excuse to take an extended break and then wonder where their form has gone in the spring. We can help you here. With the right clothing and equipment, running in bad weather can not only be tolerable, but also fun.

The perfect waterproof running jacket 

In the rain, we recommend the RaidLight Ultralight 2.0 MP+ jacket. This 2.0 version of the jacket is three times as breathable as its predecessor. At the same time, it is of course still extremely waterproof (25k water column). This not only protects you from the rain, but also allows warm, moist air generated by body heat to be transported to the outside. As the name implies, this jacket is also extremely light (approx. 100 g).

It often happens that even in winter there are moderate temperatures and you start to overheat after 20 minutes of running. In this case, it helps to dress a little "too cool" and to supplement this with versatile items of clothing. Arm warmers are particularly practical here, as they can be taken off quickly and stowed away easily. Our favorite are the EZ Sleeves from the Californian brand rabbit, as they are not only extremely comfortable against the skin, but also dry quickly. Also from rabbit are the EZ running gloves, which not only keep you warm but also look quite elegant. For those who prefer something more technical, we recommend the rabbit Tech Gloves, which are particularly impressive thanks to their environmentally friendly water-repellent coating.

Rabbit Coc0on 2.0

When it's not clear whether the weather is just fresh or already cold, we like to wear the long-sleeved running shirts from rabbit. Thanks to their relaxed cut, you can quickly roll up the sleeves if it gets too warm. In really cold weather and nasty winds, there's nothing better than the rabbit Cocoon 2.0 running top. With a sewn-in hood and mask, you are not only wonderfully protected from the wind and weather, but you can also feel a bit like a running ninja. Our absolute winter highlight.
Kahtoola NANOspikes
When snow and, above all, ice arrive, even the strongest-willed runners often stay at home. But even here, you can keep running with the right traction aid. With its NANOspikes, Kahtoola has developed a fantastic product for road runners. Ten extremely durable, 5 mm long spikes made of tungsten carbide steel bite into the ice. They are firmly anchored in two traction plates that enable a natural rolling motion. With the NANOspikes, you can easily go for longer runs on icy sidewalks. They are also extremely practical on the way to work, when shoveling snow or walking in the park.

Hot chocolate as a recovery drink in winter

But you can also make the cold weather more pleasant with the right sports nutrition. If you want to reward yourself after a run in the cold, we recommend the vegan Chocolate Recovery Drink Mix from Moonvalley, as it can also be drunk hot. Simply mix it with hot milk and you have the perfect winter recovery drink. Add a Näak sports waffle and winter will be your friend.

rabbit joggers

If all these tips still haven't helped you to run in cold weather, then we have one last recommendation for you. The EZ Joggers from rabbit are probably the most comfortable jogging pants on the market. They'll keep you comfortable while you're doing yoga and core training at home or just hanging out on the couch waiting for it to get warm again. On that note: stay hungry. Yours truly, Jonas and Florian.

The text first appeared in LAUFZEIT #1 23/24.

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