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If there was a competition for the fastest growing sports nutrition company, Neversecond would definitely be on the podium. The company was founded in 2020 and has since released a full range of sports nutrition products, helping athletes at the top of the world achieve victories.

The company was founded by Bill Armstrong, a former professional runner from New York. After his running career ended, he founded a packaging technology company, which he then sold for a profit in 2018. Since early retirement didn't really suit him as a former endurance athlete, he was looking for a new challenge, but at the same time wanted to work in endurance sports again. The idea of ​​producing sports nutrition based on the latest scientific standards was quickly born.

Sports nutrition based on science

Product development should follow the principle “Science first, never second”. Therefore, Bill brought Asker Jeukendrupp, a prominent sports scientist, on board as co-founder. Asker has published numerous studies and books on the subject of nutrition in sport and is the founder of the science portal In his work as a scientific advisor, he has supported top athletes and teams such as Haile Gebreselassie, Chrissie Wellington, FC Barcelona and Team Jumbo Visma, among others.

The basic principle of Neversecond is relatively simple. In order to maximize the tolerance and absorption of carbohydrates, all products contain energy in the form of maltodextrin and fructose in a ratio of 2:1. To make it easier to use, carbohydrates are always included in 30 gram increments. Furthermore, the amount of carbohydrates is included in the product name, which should simplify the entire system even further.


Neversecond Gel C30

The C30 Energy Gel is liquid enough to be absorbed without water, which is a big plus for us. There are 4 flavor variants without caffeine and 2 variants with caffeine. Due to its refreshing fruity flavor, our favorite here is the Citrus version, closely followed by Berry.

Neversecond offers two variants of sports drinks. Firstly, the high-performance version C90 High Carb Drink Mix , which, as the name suggests, contains 90 grams of carbohydrates. The C30 Sports Drink Mix, on the other hand, is characterized by a particularly mild taste and stomach tolerance. The product range is rounded off by the C30 Fuel Bar energy bar and the P30 Recovery Drink Mix to support recovery.

neversecond joe gray

The fact that Neversecond products can achieve athletic performance at the highest level has been impressively demonstrated over the last two years. In cycling, Neversecond was the official nutritional sponsor of Team Jumbo Visma in 2022 and has supported Team EF Education Easy Post and Team Bahrain Victorious since 2023. In running, Neversecond supplies trail runners Germain Grangier, Joseph Gray and UTMB winner Katie Schide, among others, with the energy they need. At this year's UTMB we were also able to observe how the winner Jim Walsmley treated himself to Neversecond gels and drink mixes, even though he is not one of the officially sponsored Neversecond athletes.

The team behind Neversecond is still busy developing new products. This summer we were able to test the Ice Slushy C30 Gel. This gel is frozen before use. This is actually very refreshing and can potentially have a performance-enhancing effect in summer temperatures. However, this is rather impractical in use, unless you have a support crew waiting at the aid stations with a freezer.

We're still excited to see what's next. Above all, we would like to see a few new and innovative flavors for more variety in the food. With this in mind: stay hungry. Yours Truly, Jonas & Florian.

Here you can find our Neversecond range .

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