Introducing: Neversecond

If there was a competition for the fastest growing sports nutrition company, Neversecond would definitely be on the podium. The company was founded in 2020 and has since released a full range of sports nutrition...

Emotions and Commerce - Our UTMB week

I still remember my first time UTMB. The first view of Mont Blanc, the entrance to Chamonix, all the over-fit people on their shake-out runs, the doubts as to whether I even belong here. I...

Introducing SaltStick

For many runners, summertime means carefree, lightly dressed running in wonderful sunshine. For some it also means heavy sweating, which is often accompanied by salt marks on clothing and the risk of dehydration. Sweating is...

Introducing Scratch Labs

To understand the company Skratch Labs better, you have to deal a little with its founder. dr Allen Lim was born in the Philippines as the son of Chinese emigrants. When he was two years...

Nutrition tips for trail running

Adapted from the book "Trail Running for Women" by Anna Hughes, who gives you her tips and tricks for nutrition in training and competitions.

Introducing rabbit

Sometimes we just have to put in a little more work before we can finally offer certain brands and products. It actually took quite a long time for the Californian brand rabbit. One of our...

Regeneration after training and competition

In this guest article, athlete and nutritionist Nora Havlinova summarizes a few important cornerstones of recovery. 

Losing weight in endurance sports

Increased performance while running or Trail running for weight loss is certainly not a new finding. Quite the opposite. It deals about the fastest way increase performance in the short term.

The puzzle of food intake

In this blog post, athlete Kimi Schreiber talks about her personal path to self-acceptance, her first gel, and ultimately improved nutritional intake in sports.

Introducing RaidLight

During his training as a textile engineer, Frenchman Benoit Laval fulfilled a childhood dream of crossing the Pyrenees solo. On this approximately 900 km hike, Benoit had enough time to get annoyed with his equipment....