About Us

It all started with two friends experiencing the first signs of a midlife crisis. That's when the running started; one was in Munich and the other in Hong Kong. One ran mainly middle distances and the other preferred ultra runs. One came from the world of finance and the other one from the construction industry. One has a fetish for the best products, which unfortunately are not always available in Germany. The other had a stomach problem at 70km while running the CCC race around Mont-Blanc. So we discussed what was missing in our lives to support our new obsessions and quickly came up with a plan because both of us were and are still hungry for sports and adventure!  

We immediately went in search of the best quality and functionality. And above all for brands made by nice and honest people. People with whom you would like to go for a run or go on a bike tour with.  We were on a mission to find tasty and well-tolerated sports nutrition - and then we quickly got our families involved. Now we are working together to bring innovative products for endurance sports to Germany, Austria, & Europe and hope everyone else also enjoys the products we have discovered as much as we do.

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We sincerely thank you
Denis Beyer, Eva Sekira, Gregor Hutz, Julia Arend, Michael Arend, Philipp Reiter, Sebastian Brecht, Lian Sommer, Juliane Bruneß, Christian Bruneß, Gerald Demolsky and many others