6 causes of chafing and how to prevent it

6 Ursachen von Scheuerstellen, und wie man sie verhindern kann
It is a beautiful day. you go jogging Your Heart is pumping, you sweat, and all the stress of the day melts away. then do you feel it - the discomfort, the pain, the itching and irritation. First It's just a little scratch, but you know how it's gonna end. It can even be that you will be incapacitated for a few days or weeks are you.

The most common chafing spots in athletes are the inner thighs, the armpits and the groin area. Long-distance runners have to deal with the ominous Calculate "rotor nipples". Chafing can really affect your outdoor activities. if you know the causes of chafing, you can do it better fight. In In this article you will learn more about the 6 common causes for the development from chafing and what simple measures you can take to prevent it to avoid skin irritation.

causes of chafing

1. sweat and moisture

Sweating is a normal part of life. Doesn't matter, whether you are sitting at home and watching an exciting football game or with have a drink with friends, your body will sweat. When you sweat, collect the moisture in certain parts of the body, especially on the Inner thighs and armpits. When the clothes on this sweat and moisture chafing, friction occurs, which leads to redness, Irritation and even blisters can result.

2. heat and humidity

Heat and humidity are the main causes of the formation of chafing, because the body accumulates moisture, what to friction and inevitably to uncomfortable chafing leads. summer days are ideal to enjoy nature, but you also have to deal with the consequences of the heat and cope with moisture.

3. Movement

if when you exercise properly, you increase your heart rate and sweat. combined with repetitive movements like jogging that involves the thighs rub against each other or boxing, where the arms are in constant motion this leads to additional friction. Any kind of sport, including running, CrossFit, or cycling, can be a cause be from chafing. if you im Running in the rain can increase your performance as the rain soaks up your body naturally cools down. Unfortunately, moisture and wet can clothes to more lead to chafing.
4. Type of clothing worn

Also the kind of clothes you wear causes skin abrasions. Rough and heavy fabrics on the delicate Rubbing areas of the skin are particularly to be avoided. Bad fitting clothes such as underwear or shorts that are too tight can also cause chafing thighs. Remember that cotton and other fabrics Especially absorb moisture and rub against the skin.

5. shaving or hair removal

If you are anywhere on your body shave or wax, your skin may be more sensitive for a while. if then you go jogging or wear rough clothes, do you irritate your sensitive skin even more. 

6. Strong thigh muscles

All the squats and lunges are good for heart and muscles. Those big hamstrings are what you see in shorts gorgeous. But they can also do more Chafing marks on the thighs lead, because the thighs inevitably touch each other during the day rub.

How can you Prevent chafing and skin abrasions?

Now that you know the 6 most common causes, Now let's talk about how you can prevent chafing. Simple things like drinking water and the change of material Clothing can help here. If that still doesn't help, creams, Ointments or balms are used to treat sensitive skin too calm down and to protect.

1. Stay hydrated

The first key to preventing Adequate fluid intake is the cause of chafing. If you are dehydrated your sweat contains more salt, leading to further irritation can lead. Also, dehydration leads to dry skin, which can be rougher and more subject to friction can cause.

The more water you drink, the more hydrated you become and the skin feels more elastic.   

2. Stay dry

Since most chafing is caused by sweating and Moisture occurs, you should keep dry. Especially in summer It is important to change clothes frequently. Watch your clothes not too tight and the fabric is not too rough on your skin.

Well-fitting, moisture-wicking clothing can also help to keep you dry throughout the day especially when you exercise. In contrast to Cotton is this clothes like that designed to dry faster.

-> Sport hunger Tip: The T8 Commando Running underwear for women and Running underwear for men are the best solution to protect your skin.

3. Use anti-chafing sticks

Use anti-chafe balms or ointments like Squirrels Nut Butter Anti-Chafe Stick . You need something that is weatherproof and will last a long time. Natural ingredients can also be helpful, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Applying anti-chafing balm to your skin before exercising can protect your skin from chafing. Use the balm on all sensitive areas where chafing can occur, e.g. B. under the armpits, on the thighs, in the crotch, on the nipples and on the feet.

4. Antibacterial ointments

If you have a rash or irritation, you may also need an antibacterial ointment like this Saddle Butter Cycling Ointment . Ingredients like the tea tree oil in the ointment kill certain bacteria and fungi.

Also, the zinc oxide present in the ointment soothes skin inflammation caused by rashes and irritation while preventing bacterial infections. Natural products are also suitable for sensitive people, so be sure to include vegan products in your chafing collection.

Protect yourself from chafing today

Now we know that the causes of chafing depend on sweat, moisture, heat, humidity, and even the type and fit of clothing. Finally, remember that chafing is normal and not just a problem for the overweight. You can prevent chafing by staying hydrated and dry.

You can also protect your skin from chafing and blisters by using all-natural chafing ointments. With coconut oil and cocoa butter, Squirrel's Nut Butter anti-chafing cream creates a smooth barrier that is effective and long-lasting.

Text Author: Eric Senseman for Squirrels Nut Butter


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