Nutrition for swimmers in training and competition

Ernährung für Schwimmer in Training und Wettkampf

What is the right diet for swimmers in training or before a competition? We show you important nutrition tips for swimmers and triathletes.

A balanced diet

The cornerstone of any sports nutrition is still a healthy and balanced diet. It doesn't take much science here: Consume enough calories to provide your body with enough "fuel". Especially in swimming and triathlon, a large number of calories are burned, which must be taken up again so that the body can continue to "swim"! During the training phases, make sure you eat healthy carbohydrates that provide you with many nutrients and vitamins (such as whole grain products), fresh fruit and vegetables and sufficient sources of protein and healthy fats. Before a strenuous workout, rely on short-chain carbohydrates, which provide you with energy immediately, about an hour before the start of the workout. The last large meal should be about 3 hours ago. Before competitions with long competition distances, the so-called "carb-loading" is recommended during the presentation, with which more carbohydrates are supplied, which give a lot of tinder on the day of the competition.

Supplementary sports nutrition

In addition to a balanced diet, active athletes are recommended to take additional sports food and dietary supplements that guarantee that the body is given all the nutrients it needs. During long competitions, drinks or bars that are easy to consume and provide quick energy are suitable. Even after training or competitions, they facilitate a comprehensive supply of important nutrients that support the body in regeneration. Products from Tailwind Nutrition are not only particularly effective, but also pleasantly well tolerated.

No experiments

Pay attention to a usual diet, especially on the day of the competition. On competition day, there is no more room for experimentation! Your digestive system and general well-being may already be affected due to nervousness, poor sleep or the like – then you don’t want to put additional strain on it. During training, you definitely have the opportunity to try things out and research what is good for you and gives you a lot of energy, without feeling drained!

The right balance

But remember: the right balance makes the difference! A little feeling for your own body is also part of optimal care - try to perceive what is good for you and what is not. Provide your body with a balanced and varied supply of calories, micro- and macronutrients and keep the joy of eating. In addition to the job as a guarantee of survival, food still has a strong social aspect. Eating together (such as pasta parties before the competition) or eating together after a hard swim training not only feeds the body, but is also good for the soul!

The right nutrition for your training or an upcoming competition is often not that easy! With our tips and a little sensitivity for your own body, you are definitely on the safe side - top performances in swimming included!


The author is a former professional swimmer for the Austrian national team and has since supported more than 500 athletes in triathlon, running and swimmrun as a trainer.


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