The best foot gear for winter

Die besten Grödel für den Winter

In order to be able to walk and hike safely in snow and ice, you need toeds or spikes. So that you can get through the winter safely, we present our favorite traction aids from the Kahtoola company. Whoever slips loses.

The best gadgets for trail runners: Kahtoola EXOspikes

That was product love at first sight. Finally there are mules that offer good support and are comfortable to wear when running on trails. Traditional spikes are mostly designed for hiking boots and are based on spikes that provide good grip in ice and snow, but can become very unstable on rock and ice-free ground.

The EXOspikes are completely different. The upper and lower parts are connected to each other via stainless steel links. The lower part is a kind of external skeleton made of a particularly robust TPU. Twelve, 8 mm long spikes made of extremely durable tungsten carbide steel are anchored in the lower part, which are anchored in large aluminum bushings. This creates stepped spikes that provide grip on both ice and snow and are not uncomfortable when walking over stones and rocks. The spaces between the skeleton are left free, allowing the shoe sole profile to further improve traction.

The EXOspikes are an absolute must for trail runners in wintry conditions. We don't want to do without the reliable grip anymore. At only 200g per pair (size M) there is no reason to leave the EXOspikes at home.

The best spikes for icy streets and sidewalks: Kahtoola NANOspikes

Another product innovation from Kahtoola are the NANOSpikes designed for road runners. Ten extremely durable, 5 mm long spikes made of tungsten carbide steel bite into the ice. They are firmly anchored in two traction plates that allow for a natural rolling motion. The hard interior prevents the spikes from pushing into the shoe and grips the profile of the shoe sole for a secure fit. The softer outside ensures mobility and avoids digging. The well thought-out elastomer harness makes it easy to put on and take off and ensures a reliable fit and high accuracy of fit on different footwear, even on light running shoes.

With the NANOspikes you can easily do longer runs on icy sidewalks. They are also extremely handy on the way to work, shoveling snow or walking in the park.

The best gadgets for hiking in the mountains: Kahtoola MICROspikes

Kahtoola MICROspikes

The MICROSpikes are classic lugs or spikes for a fantastic grip when hiking on ice or snow fields and can be easily pulled over any hiking shoes. The twelve stainless steel spikes are strategically placed (8 forefoot / 4 heel) and aggressively dig into the ice. The spikes are connected by welded stainless steel chains, which not only offer good support but also a lot of flexibility. The MICROspikes can be easily transported in the bag provided. In size M, a pair only weighs approx. 338g.

Grödel in the product test: EXOspikes vs. NANOspikes

In this video we put our favorite spikes to the test. At -15 degrees we were on a frozen lake, trails and a ski slope. Furthermore, we will explain the difference between these two models in more detail.

With this in mind: Have a good winter!

Kahtoola EXOspikes snow


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