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Bix Hydration was developed by Vlad Ixel, a professional trail and ultra runner (The North Face Team) together with a German sports laboratory. Vlad has won more than 100 races over various distances (5km to 100km) and at times even topped the world Ironman 70.3 ranking in his age group. We met Vlad at a group training session in Hong Kong in 2017 and can confirm that the boy is a good guy - just a bit crazy about sports.  

In order to supply his body with the important vitamins and minerals for recovery after hard training and racing, Vlad experimented for a long time and sometimes combined up to 6 different tablets to find the optimal mix. After 2 years of development phase Bix Hydration is out.  

We are convinced of the product because it not only provides important ingredients, but also tastes refreshingly good. Minerals and vitamin pills often taste very artificial, which is not the case here. This shows us that long and hard testing went into really finishing the product rather than just mixing up some minerals and vitamins. Rehydration is an important part of the recovery process after hard or long training sessions - especially during the warm season.

we managed to catch up with Vlad and co-founder Silke Bender to learn a bit more about BIX Hydration:

What makes Bix Hydration special and which athletes is it intended for?

BIX is the first recovery-hydration effervescent tablet with 11 vitamins and minerals such as bromelain, coenzyme Q10 and BCAAs. It contains 6 times more magnesium and 8 times more vitamins and minerals than most comparable products. The formula was developed for all athletes and generally for active people who want to replenish their electrolyte, vitamin and mineral stores. BIX is a great alternative to sugary sports drinks as it doesn't contain any artificial colours, flavor enhancers or sugar. It's also gluten free and vegan.

What is the role of BCAAs and why do you mix them with minerals and vitamins?

BIX was developed so that athletes can not only achieve optimal performance, but also for optimal recovery. BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) have been proven to help prevent muscle fatigue until later during activity and also help with muscle regeneration after exercise. So it's one of the essential ingredients we wanted to have in BIX.

How did you get the taste so pleasant?

The sports laboratory we work with helped us to naturally extract the flavor of the fruits (mango, orange, berries). In addition, carrot and beetroot powder was added to round off the taste. Natural flavorings are more expensive to produce, but we wanted to make a product that was healthier than anything else on the market.

Do you have any other products planned, such as other flavors?

Our second flavor “Berries” is currently in production and we hope to launch it shortly. We also have a few other products in development, but it takes time to create a high-quality product because we work with experts and have our products extensively tested by athletes.

Here is the product

PS For some good stretching and stability exercises check out Vlad's Youtube channel over.  


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